06 July, 2009

more than being in a straight edge band

Here's a quick update/rundown of what's happening with us.

We have a few coming up. First off, we're playing Bellingham with 2 bands called Unrestrained on Sunday August 16th. One of them is from Burlington, VT and the other is from Porltand, OR. Also playing that gig is Seattle's most athletic, The Helm. Should be a rager! Doors around 8pm, I believe.

On August 21st we fly down to California to meet up with Rotting Out (from LA) and Backtrack (from Long Island, NY) for 3 shows. We'll be rolling with those dudes for 3 days, the 21st to the 23rd. Do yourselves a favor and check them out if you haven't.

Come October we're doing 2 shows with Soul Control, then in November we are flying out to the East Coast to play an all day youth crew bonanza called A Time We'll Remember. We're playing shows the whole weekend. Details about where those other shows will be and with who coming later.

So we wanted to put our demo out as a 7" but felt that it was a little on the short side. Our decision was to go see our good friend Randall Wheeler down in ol' Tacoma to bang out 2 new rippers. He did such an awesome job with the demo we knew he could handle this. They sound pretty awesome. One song is called Learned and other is called Spitting Fire, though I'm sort of having 2nd thoughts about that title. We'll see.

We're hoping to have this out by the fest in November, if not sooner. But it's hardcore, so it'll probably be out in 2011. Other than that we're in the process of writing new songs for a brand new 7" to come out in early 2010. Info on that is forthcoming.

Lastly, we just want to let everyone know who's ordered a demo, shirt or both that we appreciate the support. I know some people had to wait and we thank you for your patience. We needed to get a new batch of tapes and shirts made. All tape orders are officially out and anyone who was waiting for a shirt, will be getting it soon. We ran out of mediums, we have them now. They are headed your way.

Hardcore rules. Straight edge rules.