24 December, 2009

lights so bright

Merry Christmas from the Not Sorry Crew and Run DMC!

Hope everyone has a good holiday. Celebrate however you see fit!
See ya in 2010.


10 December, 2009

we need a new waaaaayuhhh . . .

A couple dudes in Rochester NY took in upon themselves to film our set in Syracuse back on November 22nd. There's multiple angles and all that. It looks and sounds pretty awesome. Here are all 3 in the appropriate orders.

Also, there is a new song in the middle somewhere called "Searching" that will be out on our REACT! 7" next year.




Thanks to Scheffler and Stiner for filming it. It's seriously great.


03 December, 2009

it's clobbering time

You don't need any sort of explanation do you? This video still gives me chills!


01 December, 2009

x on my hand, means i am straight

YO! We're back from the East Coast. Technically we got back a week ago, but whatev's. All the shows were awesome. Got to see some friends we haven't seen in a while, which was super cool. We hit up Celebrated Summer in Maryland run by a righteous dude named Tony. If you're in that area, I highly suggest stopping in there. Dude has some real gems!

The four of us and our road dawg, Jim, flew in Thursday the 19th. We hung out with the dudes in Mindset for the weekend, who were gracious enough to put us up for a few days in their HQ! Huge thanks to all of them for helping us out as much as they did. Evan and Chris went above and beyond, and we hope to one day be able to return the favor.

night we played a basement show in DC with Mindset, Coke Bust, and Praise (new band with dudes from Mindset and Champion, real good vibe). Basement shows are seriously some of my favorite places to play. Pack a ton of people into a small cramped space and just get live. No stage, no bullshit, just a room full of kids who love hardcore/punk. Show was awesome! All the bands killed, and according to EvSet, it was in his top 5 favorite shows played. Hope you were there!
Saturday we hit up Lemoyne, PA for the A TIME WE'LL REMEMBER Fest. Lots of bands played this thing, check them out at the ATWR myspace. We had a lot of fun playing, despite a couple set backs and me completely forgetting the first few lines to Cats and Dogs, that was seriously the worst. It's funny now when I think back on it . . . yeah.

Sunday was the last show of the weekend, in Syracuse NY. But before we set out on our overnight drive up to NY, we hit up WEGMAN's. Unless you live in NY State or that surrounding area, you probably don't know much about Wegman's. It's a huge grocery store that has just about everything, without looking or feeling like Wal-Mart. I miss it living in the NW, so I was grateful to be able to hit it up atleast once on the weekend. Anyway, we rolled in around 4am and shacked up with our friends Jon and Yumiko, who were cool enough to let us stay with them. After Jim was almost eaten alive by their dog (NOTE: don't try to pet an unfamiliar dog . . . in a crate . . . while it's sleeping . . . at 4 in the morning) we got some sleep. It was a long day of eating, hanging out with my Mom, hanging with friends we haven't seen in almost a year and finally playing a show. Black SS, Reason, Mindset, and Ghost Ship all played. Ghost Ship isn't really my bag, but it's very cool to see Steve playing guitar AND going against the grain of most by finding the straight edge, rather than losing it. Reason played second and sound great. Seasoned elder edgemen from Buffalo, I'm excited to see what they go on to do. We played 3rd and I felt like we played the strongest we played all weekend. We received a warm reception and it felt great. Mindset played after us and honestly, this band just has it. They sound great, are passionate about what they play and talk about, and get seriously live. Not many bands can do what they are doing and pull it off well. So excited about their new stuff! Last up was Black SS. Few bands mean more to me than this band, and few people mean more to me than Chuck Hickey. Everything I love about hardcore is embodied in this band! If you haven't listened to them yet, do yourself a favor and pick up their LP, Foreign Object on Reaper Records.

A quick re-cap:
• East Coast weekend was great.
• Mindset and Black SS are the best current straight edge bands.
• Jim shouldn't pet dogs in crates.
• Benstrux was there . . . moshing.
• The X on my hand, means that I am straight.

Some video's of us and Black SS in Syracuse:
BLACK SS pt. 1BLACK SS pt. 2

- Not Sorry Crew

11 November, 2009

edge day 10.17.09 (currently 11.11.09)

I started writing this entry almost a month ago. I didn't have time to finish and meant to pick up the next day. Huge shock, I kept getting sidetracked. Where does the time go? Anyway, I'm leaving it as is. It's relevant, even if it's almost a month later . . .

Ten years ago today I was in Boston at Ten Yard Fight's last show. I got a Bane windbreaker, got really lost in Boston, drove home almost 7 hours after the gig, saw some Sox fans chase a car full of Yankees fans down the street while waiting in line and witnessed a show that now commemorates what most people in the hardcore world regard as Edge Day. Ten years later I am sitting at home in my living room typing a blog update on a computer instead of seeing some awesome hardcore bands (one of whom is playing their last show) and hanging out with good friends. C'est la vie.

While not being in Boston tonight is a bummer, I did get to come home to a package with 4 Not Sorry 7" test presses inside. It's not Edge Day, but it'll do!

Moving On test presses, with a nice note from Joe Lifeline.

For those of you not in the know, we have a 7" coming out entitled MOVING ON. The US pressing is being done by my personal and long time friend Joe Rieman who runs a label out of Chicago called LIFELINE RECORDS. It was around 10 years ago that Joe started Lifeline with a 7" from my old band XHead OnX. We were both much younger then, and have done a variety of things since that time, but we've always remained friends. Which makes this release very cool for both of us. The European version of the 7" is coming out on a label called SALAD DAYS RECORDS from Portugal. It is run by a fine gentleman named Dave Rosado. Now, I wouldn't know Dave if he showed up to my house right now, but we've emailed back and forth multiple times and trust he's going to do an awesome job over there. And, hope that we'll get to meet him and develop the type of relationship I have with Joe. Dave has played in and plays in a few bands some of you may know. Currently he is in Pressure and Broken Distance and he formally played in Pointing Finger. All great bands, make sure to check them out.

It's now November 11, 2009 . . . A couple days back, Big Joe sent me a picture message with this photo . . .

A new era!

We all couldn't be more psyched. Lifeline should be taking preorders for this very soon, if not sooner.

Lastly, we also wanted to let everyone know that we're now on React! Records. Aram is a good friend and we're excited to be on his label. Honestly having two long-time friends of mine both being into my band enough to want to help us release music is a very awesome feeling. I'm looking forward to developing even better friendships with Joe and Aram, along with Dave at Salad Days.

- John/NSC

ps: There are currently two interviews up with us. Our friend Rory from Soul Control does a blog called From The Road . . . and Pat from Forfeit has a zine/blog called New Noise, besides us he has interviews with Reaper Records, Polar Bear Club, Triple B Records and Foundation. Both are awesome and Pat's first issue of New Noise looks great. We'll have some copies with us on the East Coast, make sure to pick one up.

29 October, 2009

and i'm (not) tired of being alive

Professor of Cerealogy, PhD.

We'll have a proper update very soon. For now, listen to lots of Danzig 1-3 (4 is questionable), the Thrall-Demonsweatlive EP, and DOA!

06 July, 2009

more than being in a straight edge band

Here's a quick update/rundown of what's happening with us.

We have a few coming up. First off, we're playing Bellingham with 2 bands called Unrestrained on Sunday August 16th. One of them is from Burlington, VT and the other is from Porltand, OR. Also playing that gig is Seattle's most athletic, The Helm. Should be a rager! Doors around 8pm, I believe.

On August 21st we fly down to California to meet up with Rotting Out (from LA) and Backtrack (from Long Island, NY) for 3 shows. We'll be rolling with those dudes for 3 days, the 21st to the 23rd. Do yourselves a favor and check them out if you haven't.

Come October we're doing 2 shows with Soul Control, then in November we are flying out to the East Coast to play an all day youth crew bonanza called A Time We'll Remember. We're playing shows the whole weekend. Details about where those other shows will be and with who coming later.

So we wanted to put our demo out as a 7" but felt that it was a little on the short side. Our decision was to go see our good friend Randall Wheeler down in ol' Tacoma to bang out 2 new rippers. He did such an awesome job with the demo we knew he could handle this. They sound pretty awesome. One song is called Learned and other is called Spitting Fire, though I'm sort of having 2nd thoughts about that title. We'll see.

We're hoping to have this out by the fest in November, if not sooner. But it's hardcore, so it'll probably be out in 2011. Other than that we're in the process of writing new songs for a brand new 7" to come out in early 2010. Info on that is forthcoming.

Lastly, we just want to let everyone know who's ordered a demo, shirt or both that we appreciate the support. I know some people had to wait and we thank you for your patience. We needed to get a new batch of tapes and shirts made. All tape orders are officially out and anyone who was waiting for a shirt, will be getting it soon. We ran out of mediums, we have them now. They are headed your way.

Hardcore rules. Straight edge rules.


14 June, 2009

gettin' some

When we decided to start this blog, we wanted to use it not only as a means to communicate what we as a band were doing, but also to talk about things that were important to us, interview bands/people we liked and think are important, or just post up goofy shit we find funny. Alan conducted this interview with Kyle from Get the Most back in the fall 2008 for a 2nd issue of his zine. Not being sure if a 2nd issue of his zine will be out, it's making it's way up here. Dig on these vibes.
- John

Get The Most are one of my favorite bands in the Northwest. They play a straight forward style of hardcore similar to Youth of Today and Insted. They have recorded two 7 inches and are currently working on a full length which will be released on React! Records. I did this interview with Kyle Deville in the fall of 2008.

Alan Blackman (AB) - What got you into hardcore/punk? What were some bands that had an early impact on you?

Kyle Deville (KD) - I got into hardcore through punk bands and listening to Metal as a little kid. My older cousins would play Slayer and bands like Anthrax so I knew a lot of thrash metal before I even knew what hardcore was. Bands that had an impact on me as a kid were D.R.I., Minor Threat, and Gorilla Biscuits.

AB - How did Get the Most start? Is there a show that you guys have played that stands out as a favorite?

KD - GTM started when Go It Alone and Blue Monday were on tour with each other in Summer of 2005. Kram and I wanted to do a side project for fun where we mixed up the instruments and got back to a more traditional hardcore sound which we grew up with and loved. Every show we have played has been fun as hell but Edge day in Boston 2007 was good, the last TFS show was really fun. I don't know, I don't want to pick.

AB - GTM recently played the last First Step show. What were your thoughts on that show, that band, and how they went out? Sub-question: When I told Aram I was doing an interview with you he informed me that you have a history of performing in a TFS sweat-suit. Any truth to this?

KD - TFS has been a very inspirational band for me in the last 6 years. They really believed in their message which I don't see all that much nowadays. Their live show was always so intense, it reminded me of the old videos of bands like Chain and Insted. But most of all they were/are some of the best guys I've met in hardcore and I consider them my good friends. I think they went out perfectly. Their last record was awesome so it's good to go out on a high note. Their last show was not all drawn out like some bands. It was just some of their favorite bands whom they have played with over the years. I have been known to play live in the official TFS sweats and hood. I don't front, I love TFS.

(Flyer for the last TFS show.)

AB - Would you say your lyrics have a particular focus? What do you hope people are left with after seeing your band?

KD - The lyrics focus more so on being a positive role model. I like when a band's sound can make you want to smash things but their lyrics make you want to improve your life and help people. That's kind of my inspiration. I want people to relate on some level with the issues I touch on in songs and be able to understand where I am coming from. I hope when people leave after we play live they have a smile on their face and they remember that hardcore can be fun and it doesn't have to be so serious.

AB - Let's go the High Fidelity route and do some top 5 lists:

KD -
Top 5 7"s
1. NY Crew - Judge
2. True Till Death - Chain of Strength
3. What Holds Us Apart - Chain of Strength
4. We'll Make The Difference - Insted
5. Can't Close My Eyes - Youth of Today

Top 5 12"s
1. We're Not In This Alone - Youth of Today
2. Break Down The Walls - Youth of Today
3. Bringin' It Down - Judge
4. Out Of Step - Minor Threat
5. Can I Say - Dag Nasty

AB - What are some experiences that have stuck with you from touring? Do you look at doing a band differently after doing shows on the road?

KD - Touring can be really hard, really expensive and tiring. In the end you can feel like you did nothing more than drive around the country to play for 20 kids a night. But it's also the most fun you will ever have, with some of your best friends at your side along the way. It's an opportunity to see the world and do what you love at the same time. I look at doing GTM differently than how I look at Blue Monday because with BM we tried really hard, we put 100% into playing as much as we could and we tried to do as much as possible. With GTM we don't try to do anything, but play a show every month or two and have 20 minutes of pure adrenaline infused fun.

AB - Are there plans for recording any time soon?

KD - We are going to get back in the studio and bust out a new LP hopefully in winter 2008. It will be about 10 songs and I am looking forward to it.

(Get The Most at Gilman St. Photo by Todd Polluck)

AB - How does fronting a band compare to playing guitar in one? Was it a tough transition?

KD - It's not a tough transition, the only thing is with guitar all you need to focus on his playing tight. With singing you have to not only sing the words but also keep up without dying on the floor of exhaustion and fatigue. I think singing is much harder and to be a good frontman is something I aspire to be.

AB - If you had to choose between seeing Youth of Today play the Anthrax in '88 or seeing Morrissey on the "Viva Hate" tour, which would you pick?

KD - I thought about this one for a couple of minutes before answering and I think it's too tough of a call. I have seen Morrissey numerous times and he is No. 1 in my book, but YOT are No. 1 for all time best live hardcore group (haven't actually seen them). They were one of the first to bring sxe to the forefront and to introduce the classic youth crew vibe that has been replicated for some 20 years now.

21 May, 2009

i like food. food tastes good.

A movie I encourage you all to check out. At the very least from the trailer, it looks to be promising. Maybe it will open peoples eyes to how "food" is produced in this country.

This is something we have the power to change. I hope we do.

15 May, 2009

is anybody there?

A quick update for those of you paying attention.

First off we have 2 shows coming up in May. The first being Rain Fest, which takes place at the Viaduct in Tacoma. We're playing on Sunday with awesome bands like Rotting Out and Power. There are tons of great bands playing that weekend, which I'm sure those of you attending will check out.

Then on Sunday May 31st, we are playing at the Fusion Cafe at the Downtown YMCA with Anchor, who are a vegan straight edge band from Sweden.

We will also finally have demos and shirts ready for both of these shows. The demo has 4 songs, 2 of which are on our myspace. Shirts will look like this

We have some other things in the works for late June, which we'll keep you posted on. We'll put ordering info up for demos/shirts at the end of the month.


20 April, 2009

what this is

We've jumped on the blog bandwagon, which we'll refer to as the blogwagon from now on. Our hope is to use this as a means of communication with the hardcore punk community and anyone else who stumbles upon it. Accompanying this blog will also be a small zine styled newsletter which you can pick up from us when we play. Our first issue will hopefully be out by Rain Fest.

We'll see where this goes.