13 February, 2010

everybody loves me but you


1. Played a grip of shows. Some fliers to prove it.
2. Recording. New jamz.
3. Some upcoming gigs, possible tour.
4. New interview getting posted soon(ish).

1. I had an update all typed up, but found it was far too long winded, so it got scrapped. We played some shows a few weeks back. Our first since we were out East in November. Here are some of the flyers.
Oct 31 @ W. Seattle Legion Hall

Forfeit it an awesome band from the East Coast that you should check out. Vacate and Sojourner are locals that were doing their thing. Both bands were pretty good. Outbreak was . . . well, Outbreak.

Feb 6 @ Casey's house in Bham

We also played Kyle's (from Get The Most) birthday soiree in Bellingham. Keep It Clear also did their thing. Both bands sounded great and the show was a smashing success. I celebrated Kyle's birthday 3 times that week . . . and he only turned 29. I better start warming up for his 30th . . . it's sure to be a total banger!

Oh yeah, the new Get The Most LP "Together" is seriously awesome. If you dig Insted, Uniform Choice, Gorilla Biscuits, and Get The Most, there is absolutely no reason for you not to dig it.

We also played a gig on February 10th with The Helm, Defeater and All Teeth at the Fusion Cafe in the Downtown YMCA. Mad heads rolled out. It was shocking. We were shocked. All Teeth was pretty decent. Defeater is not my thing. The Helm sounded huge and their new record is crushing. It's called HOME. Hex Records from Syracuse put it out. Vinyl's hip these days, pick it up. It's also on CD for those of you not into being retro.

Ok, moving on . . . (pun intended) . . .

2. Starting this Sunday, February 28th, we are headed to Two Sticks Studio's here in Seattle to start laying down tracks for our new 7". It's going to be titled OUR CHOICES. Really looking forward to getting this moving. 5 brand new songs, lyrically all dealing with . . . you guessed it, our choices and how they affect us. Should be good.

3. We have 2 shows on March 30th and March 31st with Rotting Out. We're playing Tacoma and Bellingham on those dates. April 7th we're giggin' with Mindset, True Colors, and Common Cause. April 9th and 10th, we play the React! Showcase and then come the first week of June, if everything goes according to play, we're doing a week long tour down the West Coast with BLACK SS! When I have a better idea of the routing, I'll post it and maybe some of you can help us. It'll be their first time leaving the East Coast, so we plan on showing them an awesome time. Knowing them is to know how utterly bizarre that tour is going to be . . . seriously, unreal. Like, the opposite of real.

4. Up next we'll have an interview with Canadian sheet metal worker, smelly soap connoisseur, and ultimate edgeman, Andy Patillo (aka Today's Man) from Keep It Clear. Stay tuned, that interview is shaping up to be pretty righteous.

This is me not being long winded? Yep.


ps: If anyone out there has any Juliana Hatfield records that you're looking to let loose, please get in touch. Thanks.

09 February, 2010

crusadin' for thought

Back in November when we flew out East we played a fest in Pennsylvania. There were a lot of bands on that show, but one of the bands that really stood out to me was Thought Crusade. Hailing from Chicago, IL these 5 gentlemen play a great style of NYHC mixed with oi and punk. Like a lot of bands going, their line-up consists of older and younger dudes, so they're somewhat limited as to what they can do tour-wise. That doesn't stop them from being a raging hardcore band! Read on . . .

For those not aware of your band, give us a quick history/run-down on yourselves.
RYAN - Vocals: Sets'em up and knocks em down. Likes NYHC a lot.
BEN - Guitar: No care ever. Sleeps a lot. Dedicated to weightlifting and is on the 6 year plan.
KEVIN - Drums: Future Mr. Olympia (refer to myspace and facebook pics). Fan of St. Vitus (primarily the song Born Too Late). Pledged to the Pikes earlier this year.
ADAM D. - Guitar: Doesn't have money but somehow has beer and cigs all the time. Weird. Future UIC grad.
CHARLIE L. - Bass: His dog Petey rules and he is known as Mr. Responsibility. (edit: I cannot confirm or deny whether Charlie and Congressman Jim Moran are the same person)

Does the name Thought Crusade come from somewhere specific? Does it have specific relevance to the band as a whole?
Thought Crusade; Taken from the No For An Answer record. It's cool because we are good at fooling people who are familiar with that record into thinking we "might" sound like NFANA. I don't think any of us like that band except for Ben and maybe Ryan.

hat five records would get listened to the most in the van?
St. Vitus - Born Too Late
Type O Negative - Life is Killing Me
Crowbar - Time Heals Nothing
Into Another - Ignaurus
Nig Heist - Hot Muff
Merauder - God Is I
Crunchtime - The Realness
The Rival Mob - Raw Life
Free Spirit - demo on Girl Drinks

Favorite Chicago band (past and/or present) and food establishment. And why?
OLD - Wound Up/Punch In the Face
CURRENT - The Killer/Harms Way
FOOD - The Chicago Diner for Ryan because literally everything is vegan and pretty good. Rest of the band usually ventures to Skewers/Hollywood Grill because with Skewers, you can see all the fruitcakes that walk around Wicker Park and with Hollywood Grill, you never know what kind of druggies, prostitution, drug deals, Irish Gang Cartel ignorance, fights, etc. could happen. Very comfy/cozy atmosphere. Def saw dudes getting blowjobs in the bathroom last time I was there. We also frequent grocery stores.

Any bands, labels, zines, etc. in the Chicago area that people should be paying attention to.
Should def pay attention to the band Duress. Great live show and you will get your money's worth with this band. The Killer - still going strong and hard as nails. The Big Hurt fanzine, Jeff Klepper and his artwork, Sam and Triple B records, Clint and Organized Crime records, Big Joe Rieman for setting up some good shows, KC and Sorry Excuse homeboys, Family Tattoo, Harms Way - New stuff should be out soon, Weekend Nachos - Prepare to Die, and lastly, Bill Smiles - the best merch dude ever. Skins and Pins--FTW.

Thoughts on the reunion craze that seems to have no end in sight?
Don't break up, just take a break. Unless its to raise money for polar bears or some kind of cause, then it really isn't worth it.

Triple B has been releasing some solid stuff lately. How'd you get hooked up with them?
Gil from Free Spirit was pretty into us when we played TIFY in Florida last year. We remained in contact with him. Then we went out East to play some show with Rival Mob/Free Spirit/Step Forward and that pretty much sealed the deal. Sam really inquired about us and eventually contacted us about doing a record. We told him that we were serious and that we really wanted to take our time for the release. So we did what we had to do and made it work.

Plans for you guys in 2010?
Write some more material. Play out more and eventually get to the west coast and hit a few places we have been trying to get to. We are all pretty busy with school and working. But we are trying to make the most of it. We don't play out that often because we don't wanna outdo ourselves. If it means traveling, then by all means we will do it. However we have been trying to put together some songs for another 7" and write some songs with one that is going to appear on the American Hardcore Comp that Sam is releasing. Not quite sure on the release date but we will keep you posted.

Both of Thought Crusade's records are available through their respective labels, Common Man on Organized Crime, and It's Our War on Triple-B. Or you can get them from Rev HQ. Do yourself a favor and pick up both.