27 November, 2010

Healing Crisis - LIVE @ React! Showcase

Our song Healing Crisis being performed LIVE at the React! Showcase. Looks as sounds great.

Also, our tour with Secret People was awesome. Those dudes are great and the shows pretty much all killed. At the very least made better by them being with us. Our friend Dan who filled in also killed it on the bass every night. Thanks to those of you who came and hung out.

We have a show on December 1st in Tacoma with Gravemaker, Sojourner, Oblivion, and Wreck. Should be great. Then on December 5th we're playing Seattle at The Black Lodge with Run With The Hunted, Envision, Olde Ghost, and Breaga Naofa. Come hang out if you can, we haven't played much of the Northwest since August/September.

Stay well!
NSC '10

07 November, 2010

The "NOT SECRET" West Coast Banger 2010

This is what tour looks like.
Come hang out!

Fri. Nov. 12th - Berkeley, CA
@ 924 Gilman
w/ Secret People, Cruel Hand, Backtrack, and Crucified

Sat. Nov. 13th - Fresno, CA
@ The Bell Tower Haus, 69 E. Belmont Ave.
w/ Secret People, Xibalba, and more

Sun. Nov. 14th - Pomona, CA

@ Casa Jimenez, 280 W 3rd St
w/ Secret People, Rotting Out, Soul Search, Knife Fight, and Sleepwalkers

Mon. Nov. 15th - Isla Vista, CA
@ BIKO House, 6612 Sueno Rd.
w/ Secret People

. . . then after a grueling 16 hour drive . . .
Tues. Nov. 16th - Portland, OR
@ A Basement, 5744 N. Moore Ave.
w/ Unrestrained(pdx) - NO Secret People

We'll have this merch with us: