24 December, 2009

lights so bright

Merry Christmas from the Not Sorry Crew and Run DMC!

Hope everyone has a good holiday. Celebrate however you see fit!
See ya in 2010.


10 December, 2009

we need a new waaaaayuhhh . . .

A couple dudes in Rochester NY took in upon themselves to film our set in Syracuse back on November 22nd. There's multiple angles and all that. It looks and sounds pretty awesome. Here are all 3 in the appropriate orders.

Also, there is a new song in the middle somewhere called "Searching" that will be out on our REACT! 7" next year.




Thanks to Scheffler and Stiner for filming it. It's seriously great.


03 December, 2009

it's clobbering time

You don't need any sort of explanation do you? This video still gives me chills!


01 December, 2009

x on my hand, means i am straight

YO! We're back from the East Coast. Technically we got back a week ago, but whatev's. All the shows were awesome. Got to see some friends we haven't seen in a while, which was super cool. We hit up Celebrated Summer in Maryland run by a righteous dude named Tony. If you're in that area, I highly suggest stopping in there. Dude has some real gems!

The four of us and our road dawg, Jim, flew in Thursday the 19th. We hung out with the dudes in Mindset for the weekend, who were gracious enough to put us up for a few days in their HQ! Huge thanks to all of them for helping us out as much as they did. Evan and Chris went above and beyond, and we hope to one day be able to return the favor.

night we played a basement show in DC with Mindset, Coke Bust, and Praise (new band with dudes from Mindset and Champion, real good vibe). Basement shows are seriously some of my favorite places to play. Pack a ton of people into a small cramped space and just get live. No stage, no bullshit, just a room full of kids who love hardcore/punk. Show was awesome! All the bands killed, and according to EvSet, it was in his top 5 favorite shows played. Hope you were there!
Saturday we hit up Lemoyne, PA for the A TIME WE'LL REMEMBER Fest. Lots of bands played this thing, check them out at the ATWR myspace. We had a lot of fun playing, despite a couple set backs and me completely forgetting the first few lines to Cats and Dogs, that was seriously the worst. It's funny now when I think back on it . . . yeah.

Sunday was the last show of the weekend, in Syracuse NY. But before we set out on our overnight drive up to NY, we hit up WEGMAN's. Unless you live in NY State or that surrounding area, you probably don't know much about Wegman's. It's a huge grocery store that has just about everything, without looking or feeling like Wal-Mart. I miss it living in the NW, so I was grateful to be able to hit it up atleast once on the weekend. Anyway, we rolled in around 4am and shacked up with our friends Jon and Yumiko, who were cool enough to let us stay with them. After Jim was almost eaten alive by their dog (NOTE: don't try to pet an unfamiliar dog . . . in a crate . . . while it's sleeping . . . at 4 in the morning) we got some sleep. It was a long day of eating, hanging out with my Mom, hanging with friends we haven't seen in almost a year and finally playing a show. Black SS, Reason, Mindset, and Ghost Ship all played. Ghost Ship isn't really my bag, but it's very cool to see Steve playing guitar AND going against the grain of most by finding the straight edge, rather than losing it. Reason played second and sound great. Seasoned elder edgemen from Buffalo, I'm excited to see what they go on to do. We played 3rd and I felt like we played the strongest we played all weekend. We received a warm reception and it felt great. Mindset played after us and honestly, this band just has it. They sound great, are passionate about what they play and talk about, and get seriously live. Not many bands can do what they are doing and pull it off well. So excited about their new stuff! Last up was Black SS. Few bands mean more to me than this band, and few people mean more to me than Chuck Hickey. Everything I love about hardcore is embodied in this band! If you haven't listened to them yet, do yourself a favor and pick up their LP, Foreign Object on Reaper Records.

A quick re-cap:
• East Coast weekend was great.
• Mindset and Black SS are the best current straight edge bands.
• Jim shouldn't pet dogs in crates.
• Benstrux was there . . . moshing.
• The X on my hand, means that I am straight.

Some video's of us and Black SS in Syracuse:
BLACK SS pt. 1BLACK SS pt. 2

- Not Sorry Crew