19 July, 2010

divine thing

A great band from San Francisco called SECRET PEOPLE has a new 7" coming out very soon on Downsided Records. It's available for pre-order NOW. Check out this video clip of one of the songs.

Now that you've heard how awesome it is. Get to orderin'.

See you at Sound & Fury!

CREW 2010

ps: Listen to Teenage Fanclub

16 July, 2010



Our record is getting mixed very soon. React! will be taking pre-orders sometime in August, along with a new Remission 7" and a Common Cause 7". Both are sure to be great.

We are playing Sound & Fury next weekend. That should also be great. We get to hang out with our friend Kate all weekend. Very cool.

The weekend of July 30-August 1 we are playing 3 shows with Police & Thieves from Washington, DC. The shows are all in our 'Gigs' section. Come hang out. After that, we have a show in Seattle with Ceremony, Punch, Nails, and Power. Probably going to lay low after that until the new 7" is out.

Other updates are coming. Just have to find time to sit down and post them.

Thanks for paying attention.
- John