21 May, 2009

i like food. food tastes good.

A movie I encourage you all to check out. At the very least from the trailer, it looks to be promising. Maybe it will open peoples eyes to how "food" is produced in this country.

This is something we have the power to change. I hope we do.

15 May, 2009

is anybody there?

A quick update for those of you paying attention.

First off we have 2 shows coming up in May. The first being Rain Fest, which takes place at the Viaduct in Tacoma. We're playing on Sunday with awesome bands like Rotting Out and Power. There are tons of great bands playing that weekend, which I'm sure those of you attending will check out.

Then on Sunday May 31st, we are playing at the Fusion Cafe at the Downtown YMCA with Anchor, who are a vegan straight edge band from Sweden.

We will also finally have demos and shirts ready for both of these shows. The demo has 4 songs, 2 of which are on our myspace. Shirts will look like this

We have some other things in the works for late June, which we'll keep you posted on. We'll put ordering info up for demos/shirts at the end of the month.