29 September, 2010

it's coming down

Quick update, more indepth one coming soon.

1. Our new record is mastered and being sent off to the pressing plant. Pre-orders go up October 18th. Mark your calendars. This is not a drill people.

2. This is the cover art, done by our man Shaun "the African" Nel. Legit dude.

3. We're doing some shows in California with Secret People from November 11th to 16th. All the shows but the last one will be in CA and with them. The 16th will be us solo, hopefully in Portland, OR. We'll see how that pans out.

4. I just ate a great sandwich made with Field Roast and avocado's. Sandwiches can be totally mediocre, but when they're good, they're really good. Go eat one now.

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12 September, 2010

I'm A Person Just Like You (the MOTOR FEST 2010 wrap up!)

This is Motor. Last night he played his last show with all his bands before him and his wife move to Southern Ontario. He's a righteous dude and one of the nicest people I've ever met. We got to play his going away show, aptly titled Motor Fest, last night. Start to finish the show was a straight up banger. People drove up from as far away as Olympia and Vancouver Island to get sweaty in a hot little room known as Casa del Artista.

The show opened with Consequence Crew, a new band featuring dudes from Circles, Keep It Clear, Vacant State, Instride, Damages, amongst more. A little inbreeding going on up there in Vancouver in the band department. Total Boston style hardcore. Looking forward to what they do next. Damages and Circles played next (both featuring Motor). Both bands are awesome and definitely offer something a bit different than your average HC band. Damages totally on the Jesus Lizard/AmpRep/weird-guy-hardcore tip. If you can dig that sound, check them out. Circles on the other hand is pure Dag Nasty/Rev Summer worship. A big step from Blue Monday who 4 out of the 5 members were in. Oh also, Damages covered Six Pack and killed it. We played next and had the best Vancouver gig to date, possibly the best non-fest show to date. We covered Straight Edge, and it went over well. Keep It Clear (also featuring Motor) played next and opened with Where It Went. It was tight. Last up was the show headliner, one time reunion of In Stride (yep, Motor played drums for them too). They were the band I suspect most people rolled up for. Their set was wild for sure. After some amp set backs, they played a crazy set. Seeing them in their heyday probably would've been tight. Glad we got to see them last night. They did a Blue Monday cover mid-set that was awesome. The show ended with some Motor chants, and then Motor giving a speech.

Overall, a great night and a show that had everything a HC show should have. Mainly a variety of HC, people traveling, wild sets, a cramped space, lots of sweat, and Motor playing drums in 4 bands. Long live Motor!