22 March, 2010

hear me now

First up, the new Mindset joint "Time & Pressure" is tight as hell. Do yourselves a favor and pick it up. I'm sure most of you have already.

I've been recording vocals for our new record, "Our Choices" and they're coming along well. Two songs mostly done, doing a couple more on the 23rd. Should be good. Phil the Line is a marvelous human being and he's doing a bang up job. Big ups.

Next week, we have 2 gigs with Rotting Out from LA. Awesome band full of righteous dudes. Tuesday is in Tacoma at the Viaduct and Wednesday is in Bellingham at Jinx Art Space. Creatures, Ruckus and Expire are also with them. As well as White Wards, who's only playing the Tacoma gig.

Lastly, big thanks to everyone who bought shirts while we had them marked down. We made enough to cover most of our recording costs and get some new gear printed up for the Showcase. 1 new shirt, 1 reprint to come. Watch out.

Not much else to report. Life keeps rollin' on . . . try and keep up.


ps: My dog rules!

pps: Pick up the new Common Cause LP and a copy of Effort Fanzine featuring yours truly over here. React! just keeps churning out the hits.

14 March, 2010

what i choose is my choice

Merch is still on sale for one more week. Check it out here.

We start tracking vocals this week at the Dangler.

Our tour with Black SS is no longer happening. They are still coming out to play Rain Fest, that in and of itself rules.

Our shows with Rotting Out are in 2 weeks. Show with Mindset and the Showcase in 3 weeks.

(artwork by evset. what a guy!)

Lots of things happening with the Not Sorry Crew.

React! Crew on top in 2010.

Stay tuned.


06 March, 2010

on our way

Heads up!

We finished tracking all the songs for our new 7". Our man Jackson did a bang up job so far and we're real psyched with how everything sounds. We have to lay down vocals at the Dangler and then do some mixing and we'll be on our way. Gonna be a little bit still, but we're moving along. We took some pictures, but they're still on our camera's. Easy Rod, they're coming.

In other news, we got added to two shows at the Viaduct in Tacoma, WA. The first is on March 30th with Rotting Out and a bunch of other CA bands. The second is on April 30th with Ruiner and Gone But Not Forgotten. Both should be pretty bangin'.

Lastly, April 9th and 10th at Gilman in San Francisco we're playing the REACT! RECORDS Showcase. All the current React! bands are on the bill along with Punch, Nails, Secret People, True Colors . . . AND 7 SECONDS!!! Seriously it's a stellar line-up. Check out this poster:

So that's that for now. We'll have some pics and a Keep It Clear interview up soon.