26 August, 2010

i like food food tastes good. (pt. 2)

One of the reasons we started this blog for the band was not only to share with you what was going on with us, as a band, but also to pass along information that we feel is important and could potentially be empowering.

I was recently sent this article and felt that it talks about a lot of things I am currently very interested in and wanted to share it. Food is an integral part of our lives and culture. What we eat, how much we eat, and where the food we do eat comes from is very, very important . . . or at least it should be.

Not everyone can afford to buy everything organically, and that's not what I'm advocating. But I do think as a culture, we need to learn how to get back to the kitchen and cook good wholesome food for ourselves. Less "food" from boxes, more food from fields!

by Mark Hyman, MD

I was in a grocery store yesterday. While I was squeezing avocados to pick just the right ones for my family's dinner salad, I overheard a conversation from a couple that had also picked up an avocado.

"Oh, these avocados look good, let's get some."

Then looking up at the price, they said, "Two for five dollars!" Dejected, they put the live avocado back and walked away from the vegetable aisle toward the aisles full of dead, boxed, canned, packaged goods where they can buy thousands of calories of poor-quality, nutrient-poor, factory-made, processed foods filled with sugar, fat, and salt for the same five dollars. This is the scenario millions of Americans struggling to feed their families face every day.

Read the rest of the article here. It's important, and food security is something we all have the power to do something about.

One last thing, I recently got a copy of John Joseph's new book 'Meat is for Pussies.' Check out his website.

Yes, the title is a bit much and is clearly there for shock value. But now that it's gotten your attention, crack it open and read it. For some of you it may cover well worn territory, but I'm willing to bet for a fair share of you, it may expose you to some things you might not have known about or expand on stuff you've heard rumblings of. It reads as if you were talking to JJ himself. It also proves that you can live a compassionate lifestyle and still be "manly." Yeah, he pushes the vegan/vegetarian thing hard, but he also talks about informing yourself and the importance of eating whole foods and not just processed crap (attn: junk food vegans). This shit is vital. He's also included some cool recipes (note: mentions he's coming out with a cook book, that should be a real banger), a 7-day work out routine, as well as books, documentaries, and websites to check out. Love him or hate him (seriously, how can you hate him?), he's passionate about this stuff and is getting his voice out there one way or the other. I think it's worth paying attention to.


- John
NSC '10

13 August, 2010

i want it to fade away . . .

We've got this show coming up next week. Should be a lot of fun. I had fun making the flier.

We do legitimately have stuff to update on here. It'll happen soon. Oh, we finally mixed our 7" today. It's almost done, that was until I showed up and said a song needed to be fixed. I'm a terrible person. Nothing new really.

Going camping tomorrow.

Stay punk!