04 June, 2011


We played this song at Rain Fest. Here are the lyrics with a little explanation.

Too young to have known better.
Now it's too late to get you back.
Said our goodbyes.
Made our amends.
Now you're gone.
Never coming back.

I've begged and I've pleaded.
It's not worth a damn.
Time may heal these wounds.
But it's made me a fool.

What I would give for just one more day.
Never felt so empty.
Never felt more lost.

What I would give for just one more day.
I would give everything.
And yet, everything doesn't seem . . . like enough.

Since this band started I've been struggling with writing lyrics about how I felt after my father passed away. After 2 years I think I've finally found the words to get across how I felt then, and still feel today. It's been 7 years and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. Losing anyone is hard. I think losing a parent (or whoever raised you) is harder.

What I think back on most is all the stuff I wish I asked him. All the stories I know he had. When you're a kid you don't think about it. You take for granted that your parents are there. Unfortunately, they're not there forever.

There is little that I regret in my life. But if I could, I'd give up every possession I have to spend one full day with him again asking him all the things I didn't when I was too young to know better.

Pop 25

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